It is one of the most superb summers we have seen in years. The sun has been glorious, the beaches full and the temperature reaching record highs. What does this mean? Weekend breaks, summer outings and camping trips into our divine BC wilderness. Good times I would say.

However,  for a large number of your neighbours, there is no camping; no weekend picnics on the cool beach. It is  a time of absolute worry and concern… “how will I feed my children?”

The basic needs we all have are:  food, water, shelter air. That’s it! Stop for a moment and think how you would feel if something were to happen in your life to remove your ability to access just one of these vital staples for life. If you were to suddenly find yourself unemployed with a young family; suffered from a mental or physical illness that would prevent you from working… look around and your eyes would soon fall on a neighbour who just could be in this position. It could happen to anyone of us. I have seen this happen to someone.  A split second changed their life and their ability to work for several years. It was only through the love of friends and family and support of programs such as the food bank and community services that they were able to not only survive the trauma of a terrible accident, but take the time they needed to rehabilitate and return to work.

Christmas is, in general, the time we tend to hear about the food bank. Individuals, companies and other community groups generously gather food or money through fundraisers and proudly present it to their local food bank or one of many community programs. That is wonderful… really and truly wonderful, but what happens afterwards? The trees are taken down, our pants are finally loose enough to button up again and the cold and frosty days are slowly being replaced by the smells and colours of Spring. What then? We feel great that we did our part to help those in need so that their families could also enjoy a warm and festive season, but those needs are still there.  Spring is here and as we begin to pull out our  dusty patio furniture ready for another six months of bocce ball and BBQ’s there are still so many families who struggle to obtain the basics.

It is over the Spring/Summer months that the Food Bank really needs assistance. Here is a link taken from the Abbotsford Times http://www.abbotsfordtimes.com/story.html?id=8738609  showing just how dire it is in the Abbotsford location. Please, if you have a moment, read through and see the list of services the food bank provides for its community. It might surprise you.  Any food bank near you will gratefully welcome a food donation at anytime, but they have an amazing buying power so $3.00 of cash will buy them so much more than our $3.00 worth of food. With that in mind, I am going to try and do my part to help fill their bare shelves.

HERE’S OUR AWARENESS CAMPAIGN:  From now until October 31st, we will be offering a 45 minute session for only $25.00 BUT instead of making your cheque payable to us, it will be payable to your local food bank. 

  WHAT’S INCLUDED you ask? One fairytale gown of your choice with three beautiful locations to choose from:  Sendall Gardens in Langley; Stewart Farm in White Rock; Bear Creek Park in Surrey. You will receive the same quality service you have come to expect from Claire Reid Photography, in a fun-filled 45 minute session. Once your images are ready, you will have the opportunity to see your proofs in your own private viewing page on our website. These sessions are first come first serve until Oct 31st, 2013. Images are not included. To find out more or to book your session, please email us:  info@clairereidphotography.com

To view a sample of our work, please visit http://www.clairereidphotography.com

Please help us spread the word and in turn, fill the bare shelves of the food bank. Anyone can help. Even if a fairytale or portrait session isn’t for you but you have a product or service you feel comfortable donating, why not start your own awareness campaign. Awareness will encourage the ongoing understanding and support these programs need in order to survive.

Thank you all for reading this. The first step toward awareness is the time you invest to learn.

Much love




About Claire Reid

I consider myself to be a student of the changing world around me. My passions are photography, writing and puddle jumping on rainy days. There is magic in all that surrounds us, and I enjoy looking for the smallest moments which might contain it. Inspire and be inspired and your life will have purpose. View all posts by Claire Reid


  • Janice Pez

    you are so amazing Claire – I love the work you are doing, and that you are helping others in the process – e.g. food bank – I will spread the word and tell my friends about your fabulous offer!

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